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Regionalverband Ruhr – City of Cities


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The Metropole Ruhr is poised to dominate the next decade. As the largest metropolitan area in Germany, the Ruhr region boasts numerous strengths and substantial potential in business, culture, and innovation. These facets are consolidated and presented attractively through the Metropole Ruhr platform and the accompanying City of Cities campaign.


The objective is not solely to diminish the Ruhr area's perception solely as an industrial and coal mining town. Instead, the aim is to establish an informative platform that opens new avenues for business, innovation, research, health, and cultural offerings. This platform is intended to resonate with both the residents of the area and individuals or companies from abroad who are interested in economic investment.


The Metropole.Ruhr platform serves as the solution, encompassing and presenting the key aspects of the Ruhr area while highlighting the appeal of its diverse offerings. This is achieved through a range of services, including cultural planners, job exchanges, and educational opportunities.