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Bio Suisse – Alles hängt irgendwie zusammen


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Bio Suisse is an association of organic farming organizations in Switzerland. They aim to promote organic farming as a method of cultivation that is environmentally friendly, animal-friendly and humane. The association promotes supply and demand for products, particularly those made in Switzerland.


The association aims to promote awareness among consumers about biodiversity through the „Alles gehört irgendwie zusammen“ campaign. Key focuses include animal welfare, quality assurance, and market transparency, all of which will be highlighted on the campaign website. The concept shows in a striking way that every act of the consumer is directly related to biological agriculture and our environment in general.


The website provides information on the background of organic farming and contains interviews with local farmers and important facts about the production and quality characteristics of many products which are provided in a interactive and playful way. In addition, information is provided about Bio Suisse's commitment and understanding of sustainability.