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Hyundai is a South Korean car manufacturer with one of the youngest fleets in Europe and aims to become the world's third largest supplier of electric or fuel cell powered cars by 2025. provides journalists and car enthusiasts with news, press material like images and videos material as well as stories and rich background information on several topics.


The completely overhauled newsroom utilizes contemporary digital services to consistently fortify relationships with journalists and influencers. In the digital age, characterized by an overwhelming number of digital channels and media outlets, the need for reliable and high-quality information is paramount.

Solution offers an improved service for journalists, facilitating the easier discovery and download of materials and media assets from any location. The special needs and work processes of journalists were incorporated in the conception process. Two groups were identified: “Aimers” and “Explorers,” which differ in their way of obtaining information. Press services and brand storytelling – combined in a new way – stimulate new ideas among the target groups and increase the effectiveness of the platform.